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Economical Font Saves You Significant Toner Cost

Friday, October 22, 2010

One of the easier ways to save on toner cost is by using economical fonts in the documents that we print. Revising a document to use a more economical font only takes a few clicks and cursor-movements via your computer mouse. When you hit the print button, toner consumed can be a little less for your document.

economical fonts that save toner

Arial, Century Gothic and Ecofont are three of the most economical fonts. Arial is the more commonly used font among the three as it is packaged with most computer operating systems. It only uses 4.97% paper coverage. Century Gothic is considered by most studies the most economical font as it has only 3.45% coverage but can use more paper.

Ecofont is a font style developed precisely to increase environmental awareness. It saves up to 20% toners because when texts are printed using this font style, the text characters have tiny black circles in it which do not require toners. Ecofont Vera sans can be downloaded here for free.

Ecofont has since developed Ecofont software that makes holey version of any font of your choice including Ecofont Century Gothic. The software isn't free but using Ecofont Century Gothic can also save on paper cost.

Using economical fonts can bring you significant savings on toner cartridge cost. Purchasing compatible laser toner cartridges as replacement will give you immediate savings as they are more affordable than OEM toners.

Edit your document text now with economical fonts and hit that print button!


Replacing HP 3600 Toners Pocketwisely

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Despite being just an average-performing printer, the HP Color LaserJet 3600n stood out among its lower-priced printer contemporaries because of its low cost for consumables. A wise decision in the long run because replacement HP 3600 toners will be less compared to the replacement toners of its contemporaries.

Replacement HP 3600 toners
can be less expensive if printer users will try out compatible hp toners. Compatible HP 3600 toners from legitimate manufacturers and resellers promises the same print quality and the same page yield just like the original HP toners. But it comes at a much affordable price tag.

Considering that the HP 3600 printer uses four different colored toners, replacing them frequently can really make a dent in the pocket. Its black toner, HP Q6470A toner, is expected to become empty faster that the color cartridges. A compatible HP black toner can cost $54. But if you buy in bulk, you can save more dollars.

The color cartridges namely; HP Q6471A toner (cyan), HP Q6472A toner (yellow) & HP Q6473A toner (magenta) will eventually be replaced. However, the toner consumption of this color cartridges isn't exactly the same. Depending on the printing requirement, one color maybe used more than the other.

Compatible HP 3600 toners color combination promos can proved to be beneficial. As these kind of promos affords a customer to buy more of the color toner that he/she uses the most in printing. Again, more savings.

With some additional effort, finding replacement HP toners & printing with HP Color LaserJet 3600n printers can proved to be smoother on the pocket. It's just a pity that HP has discontinued this color laser printer series model.


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